I'm Ilya Azovtsev

I help startups with growth

What I do?

Growth Marketer, SaaS follower, Start-ups lover ❤️
Right now working on pushing Docsify (where I’m a Head of Growth) in a bootstrapped way, from scratch.
🔥T-shaped digital marketer🔥 
Since (like every startup) we made a lot of pivots, I did everything:- From Data Analytics to implementing different tools with no programmer. - From Cus Development to Sales Demo with enterprise clients- From Customer Success to Content creation
🏆With Docsify we became the best B2B young start-up by IT arena 
🚀Boosted Docsify from 0 to 8k clients with no budget on paid marketing.
🤓 Co-creator of Gmail Academy - the project about hidden hacks and productivity tips in Gmail. From 0 to 10k+ views.

Fresh content

LinkedIn Growth Hacks
June 25, 2019

How to Make A Good LinkedIn Profile 2019: Tips & Best Practices

Do you have LinkedIn Profile?
If you're in B2B, I bet you do. But how good is it?
I've analyzed 100+ best LinkedIn profiles and prepared top 9 steps you should follow to make a good LinkedIn profile in 2019.

LinkedIn Growth Hacks
June 25, 2019

Free LinkedIn & HubSpot CRM integration

Do you use HubSpot CRM? Do you communicate with clients and leads on LinkedIn?
If so, I found a FREE app that let your sync your LinkedIn Communication with HubSpot CRM

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